10 Questions With Vincent Nguyen


Vincent Nguyen resting himself after an exam in the Math Center

Vincent Nguyen is a junior.

Question: How’s your family life? Is there anything notable about it?
Answer: I have a good relationship in my family, we all take care of each other and are dependent on one another to thrive as a family. I would say we are pretty happy together.

Q: What’s your favorite color? For what reason is it so, any meaningful connection you have with it?
My favorite color has been royal blue for a while. I just believe that shade of blue is relaxing to my eyes.

Q: What’s your strongest talent? What do you think you’re great or even excel at?
My strongest talent is my adaptability to learn whether it be online or in person. I would learn to do things myself by observing others, analyzing results, correcting mistakes, and imitating their actions. This goes for sports, learning a new skill, or playing games.

Q: Is there anything you are struggling with currently? Whether it be emotionally, physically, or even educationally, what’s on your mind?
One thing that I consistently struggle with is finding a way to utilize my time more wisely. I often find myself slacking off on my phone when I know I could use that time to study, exercise, find hobbies, or learn new skills.

Q: If there was something that could be given to you, something that could mean the world to you, what would you ask for?
If I could ask for anything that would mean the world to me, it would probably be something related to food or technology. However, it doesn’t take much to please me and make me truly happy.

Q: Are there more wheels or doors in the world?
There are definitely more wheels in the world. There is no debate on that.

Q: How do you get home from school? Does it usually take long?
I get home by bus and it usually takes around 30 – 60 minutes after we are dismissed. This is because I live 15 minutes away from school and I’m the fifth stop. Not only that, there are times where the bus is very late and would take me an hour to get home.

Q: What do you spend most of your time doing?
I mainly spend most of my time relaxing or sleeping once I get home. However, usually on school nights I would study or do work and if I’m free (which usually never happens), I would play games.

Q: What’s your dream superpower?
If I could have a dream superpower, it would be the ability to change time. I feel like with this superpower, I could erase all my mistakes as well as become the closest thing to a perfect human.

Q: Who do you think, or what is the most important thing in your life currently?
Right now I would say the most important thing in my life is my family. They have been supporting me and making sure I wasn’t too stressed about school and making sure my mental health is okay.