10 Questions with Urooj Hashmi


With spring break just around the corner, Sophmore Urooj Hashmi will be taking midterms on Thursday and Friday March 2023 as the school term wraps up.

Q: How do you think this week will be for you?

A: Exams are coming in a few days and I’m somewhat worried for my Math and English midterms. I don’t think I feel that positive about this week so I’ll be celebrating after the end of midterms.

Q: How are you preparing for midterms?

A: There are practice tests for one of my classes and a review for two others. For English there’s nothing I can do but pray I’ll get a good grade.

Q: What’s your strongest and weakest subjects?

A: My strongest subjects are Math and Science, my weakest subject is English, and Social Studies is near the middle.

Q: What are you planning on doing over spring break?

A: Over spring break I’ll be taking a dual credit class and therefore, will suffer the first month of the break. That said, my family and I may visit our cousins in the second and third months.

Q: Why do you think some teacher’s give work over spring break?

A: Some teachers may give work to students over Spring Break so their knowledge of subjects don’t fade throughout the months. As a result, students have a easier time learning when they come back from the break.

Q: What are your goals for next term?

A: My goal is to get a higher grade in English and keep my good grades for the rest of my classes.

Q: How have you grown as a person since last semester?

A: I’ve become somewhat more organized this semester.

Q: What was your most favorite memory of this term?

A: I had a lot of fun memories in all classes and my favorite memory isn’t too specific but more on the fun time I spent with my friends in class.

Q: How do you feel about the upcoming summer break?

A: I’m very excited to have to sleep and not worry about work as much.

Q: How do you feel knowing that you’re going to be a Junior next school year?

A: I have complicated feelings about next year. Since I decided to take all AP core classes I’m very worried about being able to manage all of them.