Club Feature: Desi Club with Agha Mirza


Agha Mirza playing at the Basketball tournament held by desi club. He has been the treasurer of the club for the past two years.

Written by Meerab Arif, Designer

Agha Mirza is currently a senior.

How is it being the treasurer for Desi Club?

For the most part it’s really easy, all I have to do is make sure that all our money is safe and accounted for. If I’m not available the other officers tend to fill my place and handle the money.

What are your primary responsibilities in your role?

My responsibility is [to] make sure our club makes money, as well as to think of fundraising opportunities to make sure that our money is handled properly and our club is expanding.

What’s your opinion on the Multi-Cultural Dance Show that just took place?

At first I thought the dance show wasn’t gonna do so good, but after I got to see the performances I was amazed and I instantly knew that it was going to be great. I regret doubting it but I’m glad the officers didn’t give up.

Is the dance show going to be a yearly event for the club?

For sure! It’s a great way for performers to show their culture through dance or whatever act they’d like to perform and I believe this is what Desi Club is all about.

What is your favorite aspect of being the treasurer?

I love how laid back my responsibilities are compared to the President who has to come up with ideas and finalize things while I just have to give input and manage the money

Is the club going to be reelecting officers after you graduate?

Yes, we will be holding officer elections and interviews by next month.

If so, what positions will be opening up?

Two of the founding officers will be promoted to vice president and secretary which will only leave us with two positions opening up, historian and treasurer.

What is something Desi Club is working on right now?

Desi Club is currently working on club sweatshirts which I think would be awesome, and they are working on finalizing a field trip for its members.

What has been your favorite event held by the club in the past two years?

I’d say dance show because of how big the event was, honestly I didn’t think that we could pull off such a big event but it was amazing how it turned out and how fun it was.

What’s one lasting impression you want to leave on Desi Club?

I’m really good with counting money, as the other officers know, so in the future when I’m not here I want them to remember me by counting the money.