Calm Week Approaches Kerr Community


GAME ON Kerr Muslim Student Association and Students for Humanity are hosting a game night with a ‘Glow in the Dark’ theme. Tickets are sold from Tuesday, February 21st to Wednesday, March 1st. “The game night will have many activities and whole group games, with many twists and turns,” stated the Kerr MSA Instagram post. “We will also be having a raffle towards the end of the game night where we will be hosting the event. Each entry includes a raffle ticket but you can also buy an additional raffle ticket for a dollar the day of the event.”

Written by Jenny Nguyen

On Wednesday, March 1, there will be a school day SAT testing for juniors and seniors graduating one year early. On Friday, March 3, the Kerr Orchestra will be performing at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo. The Kerr Game Night will also be held on Friday, March 3, after school, from 6 pm to 10:30 pm. Tickets will be sold throughout A and B lunches.