ATTENTION, SENIORS AND JUNIORS: Scholarship Opportunities

Here is the official list of scholarships sent by Tommy Wan. Each one can be investigated further through their websites. If you have any concerns, contact him at [email protected], 832-209-6616,, or @AliefVotes.

Government official Tommy Wan has provided various scholarships to form early foundations of creativity for the future youth. These youth civic engagement scholarships apply to any race, and any people, as long as you meet their criteria, even if you’re already in college! Some of these may be renewable in the years after, others only in 2023, but please apply as quickly as possible. Visit each scholarship’s website for more info.

1- Alief Art & Essay Contest

  • Any Alief artist or writer can show their talents at this contest; just simply submit a 500-word essay and artwork. The deadline is April 1.

2- Hire Houston Youth

  • Students aged 16-24 can apply for various jobs, apprenticeships, and internships with guidance in the public and private sectors. Application screening begins on March 27.

3- Alief Tree Plantings

  • Help out on February 11 from 8:30 AM to noon at 11200 Block of Bissonnette, and join the Alief Super-neighborhood mailing list for future opportunities.

4- Don’t Mess with Texas Scholarships

  • Three scholarships are available for high schoolers with a total of $9,000. Applications must be in by March 31.

5- OCA Gold Mountain

  • High school Seniors and College students may receive $2,000-2,500 to first-generation Asian American and Pacific Islanders. Deadlines are on March 31.

6- Mi Familia Vota Events

  • Houston organizers will be meeting legislators in Austin on February 17. To learn more about the policy-making process, contact [email protected].

7- Civic Influencers

  • High school seniors, college students, or community members can get various funds and resources for civic engagement projects.

8- Vinson & Elkins Diversity Scholarship

  • High school seniors can get up to $10,000 worth in a scholarship, and receive: a summer internship at Vinson & Elkins, mentoring from V&E attorneys, and reimbursement for an LSAT preparatory course.

9- Harris County Election Youth Poll Worker

  • Apply to work as a poll worker and learn about the election process, leadership, and civic engagement with casting ballots.

10- When We All Vote Student Clubs

  • Anyone who sponsors a club focused on voting can earn stipends, resources, and guidance for educators and students.

11- Harris County Summer Legal Academy (SLA)

  • The SLA is a two-week educational readiness program for high school aspiring to be attorneys. Applications are due March 24.

12- OCA National Summer Internships

  • Undergraduate students in college can apply in Washington, D.C. Stipends for housing are included. The deadline is on February 12.

13- Unum Fellows-Climate and Environmental Justice Cohort

  • If you are active in environmental justice and climate work, apply to become an Unum Fellow for funding, guidance, and support for your projects.

14- Lifeguarding Opportunities for the 2023 Swim Season

  • The City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department is seeking talented people with excellent swimming skills. Anyone at least 16 years of age can join their team and be a lifeguard by calling the Aquatics Office at 832-395-7129 to schedule a swim evaluation. Deadlines are May 31.