Interview with Mostaque Tahamid

Mostaque Tahamid is currently a senior at Kerr and the vice-president of Desi Club

Q) Why did you choose to run for vice-president?

A. I chose to run for vice president because I am deeply passionate about south Asian culture and I wanted to display it in the best way possible and educate others on what it means to be desi. Additionally, I believe that I have the skills and qualities necessary to serve as an effective leader and advocate for the club and its members.

Q) Which meeting is the most memorable for you?

A. The most memorable meeting I can think of is our first cricket game, it was intense but incredibly fun. it is still one of my favorite meetings that our club has hosted so far.

Q) What other events do you guys have planned for the year other than the multi-cultural dance show?

A. Currently, the officers are planning on hosting some kind of Spring Fest really similar to Holi, an Indian holiday.

Q) What is your favorite part about being an officer?

A. My favorite part of being an officer has to be how I am able to bring my ideas into reality and be able to work with such an amazing group of people. Who are just as passionate as me in our quest to grow our club and ultimately make a positive impact in the community.

Q) When is the next basketball tournament?

A. I think our next basketball tournament will hopefully be next week but further discussions need to be made before a final decision.

Q) Why should people join?

A. Kerr Desi Club provides a great opportunity for people to connect with like-minded individuals who share the same culture and heritage. The club provides a platform for people to meet, discuss, and learn about their shared culture and language. It also offers a variety of activities and events to allow members to interact and network with one another. Joining Kerr Desi Club is a great way to expand one’s social circle, learn more about the Desi culture, and discover new hobbies and activities

Mostaque Tahamid is currently a senior at Kerr High School. He is part of the choir and the vice-president of Kerr desi club since 2021.