Club Feature: Kerr’s HOSA

Interview with Kerr’s HOSA Sponsor: Mr. Khoo


Photo by Hoang-My Le

Mr. Khoo, Kerr’s biology teacher and Kerr’s HOSA sponsor, talks about HOSA and what the club has to offer. He states that HOSA gives students interested in the health field great opportunities such as “networking, leadership, competing, and building.”

Question: What’s your name, and what do you teach at Kerr?

Answer: I’m Mr. Khoo. I teach AAC Biology, Honors Anatomy, and Physiology, as well as AP Biology.

Q: I heard that you are the sponsor for Kerr’s HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America). After the cutout with Taylor, why do you think it was important to carry HOSA over here?

A: I was asked to be the advisor for HOSA because Chibuke Madu, the current president of HOSA, wanted to start up HOSA for Kerr students. I thought to myself, well, I guess I’m it. It’s a lot of work. A lot of planning. And you know, I’m busy. Crazy busy. Especially right now when we’re one teacher short. But at the same time, I do have compassion for students who got left behind by the Taylor advisor. I’m all temporary, and my goal is to teach the officers how to run a club. The good thing about being a new club is that we have time to make a strong foundation. But after we lay the foundation, then we’ll proceed on to other things.

Q: Can you explain to new students what HOSA is about?

A: The idea is supposed to focus on health professionals: allied health professions or traditional health professions. It is supposed to provide insight, educate them, and prepare them for these fields in competitions. When they compete, they learn more about nursing. When they pursue nursing, they’re better for it. There’s kind of like a brotherhood; with any shadowing opportunities, you meet like-minded people who have similar agendas and the same interest in you.

Q: What do you think HOSA provides for Kerr students?

A: It’s an opportunity to learn more about other health professions. Wherever there’s an opportunity to shadow, we can make that connection for them instead of them going out on their own.

Q: What types of things could upcoming or new students expect from HOSA?

A: Well, this year, I’ve set up the officers with the task of setting up the chapter properly: fundraising, our norms, what we do every month, and what should be expected from the officers. In the regular format of our meetings, we are going to research different allied health professions so that every month, the members will learn about three allied health professions that are not commonly known. So that way, they will make a better and more informed decision.

Q: Can you give me five words about why students interested in the health field should join HOSA?

A: Networking, leadership, building, competitions, and opportunities.

Q: Is there such things as being “too late” to join HOSA?

A: Of course, if you want to participate in competitions and you join after the competition has ended, then that will literally be too late. But as far as joining any time of the year, I don’t believe so.

Q: One last question: What are your upcoming plans for HOSA?

A: Upcoming plans would be to establish the chapter a lot more, spread the word, and fundraise. So that next year’s officers will have a good foundation to plan activities and also educate officers and members about the various health professions.