UIL Members Take Over Cadre


Photo by Georgio Tahtouh

Ready Set Action: Cadre company members, freshman Karma Ryan and senior Sara Blaghi rehearse their parts from “Imaginary Invalid”. Despite the strain and multiple attempts made, Ryan and Blaghi were closer to the result they strived for in this audition rehearsal. Karma Ryan stated, “At first, I was very nervous about the auditions to the point where I was shaking. But as the auditions went on, I grew more confident and got feed back to better myself.”

Written by Manar Al-Gburi

Cadre wraps up their show “Orange” to focus on their new task at hand: Cadre UIL auditions. Directors Julie Ryan and Jason Quach will be directing a readthrough of the upcoming UIL class play “Imaginary Invalid” while overseeing individual script rehearsals. All UIL members are required to work in groups with the same teammates only once per audition. With two minutes on the timer, each member rehearses their chosen scripts outside the black box before going in to perform in front of the directors. When auditions are through, callbacks will be held shortly after.