NHS Works On Valentine’s Day Carnations


Shared Together, NHS gathered on January 23, 2023, for a meeting where they began preparing the Valentine’s Day carnations. The carnations are intended to symbolize the love in Kerr’s life and to convey the students’ spirit. Long sheets of construction paper were folded, cut into hearts, and written on with a portion for the giver and a portion for the recipient to make the carnations. “I enjoy the amount of volunteer work I can do by being in NHS,” said senior and NHS member Briana Hard. “I’m able to do a lot of volunteer work and help others which makes me feel like I’m doing something important.”

On Monday, January 23, National Honor Society (NHS) has their gathering for Valentine’s Day carnations. On February 14, these carnations will be given to those who pay for them. As she works on her carnations, junior and NHS member, Tracy Nguyen, understand the purpose of these carnations and why it means so much to the community.

This is a fundraising event from NHS for students to buy carnations for their loved ones,” Nguyen said. “It serves the purpose of serving the community and spreading community spirit.”

The carnations themselves are sold for $1.50 each and are composed of a pink or red heart-shaped note attached to a flower of the giver’s choice. On a note, the giver is allowed to say anything, from showing appreciation for the receiver or even a profession of love. The giver is allowed to choose whether they want to put their name or put it under any type of alias. Enjoying her time while making the carnations, senior and NHS officer, Anh Dinh enjoys this annual event in which she gets to see her fellow peers help each other out.

“I like seeing how the new juniors stepped in to help out,” Dinh said. “Meeting new people was nice and it was an all and all heartwarming event with it being for Valentine’s Day.”