10 Questions With Sarah Tahtouh

Written by Meerab Arif, Designer

Sarah Tahtouh is currently a sophomore and the historian for Desi club.

  1. What is the best thing about being an officer for Desi club?
    A. The community we grew and being able to work alongside great people!
  2. How do you manage both Cadre and Desi club?
    A . I will usually let a director in Cadre know beforehand that I won’t be there. If I’m unable to be at our meetings, I stop by and check-in.
  3. Why did you choose to be the historian?
    A. If I’m being honest, there was no other position I was interested in. I’ve always found myself interested in photography and thought it would be a great addition to Desi Club.
  4. Since some senior officers are graduating this year, what position are you planning on running for?
    A. That genuinely depends on what my other officers plan on doing. We all work very well together, and I’d be happy in whatever position I have.
  5. What is your opinion on Cadre collaborating with Desi club?
    A. I’m really glad it happened! Cadre was representing Desi Culture through Orange. Input from our club made sure the culture was being appropriately represented. Not only that, but we got to sell samosas!
  6. Why should people join Desi club?
    A. We host fun and inclusive meetings with games and food! Everyone is welcome to come and see what our club is about.
  7. How is it being the only non-desi officer?
    A. It’s interesting learning the similarities Desi and Arabian cultures share as well as the differences. I’m glad I can show others that they are welcome, despite not being Desi.
  8. What are you guys currently working on?
    A. We are currently working on hosting a Multi-Cultural show, which will be taking place in February. We’re gathering students from all over the campus to represent their culture through performances!
  9. How has your position as the historian impacted you?
    A. I’ve learned a lot about photography that I didn’t know before. Without taking the position of historian, I wouldn’t have known what I know now.
  10. How can you join the club? A. Simply participating in up to one or two of our meetings! You can follow our Instagram and Schoology groups for updates. @kerrdesiclub and 6DMK-327Z-4SBQV

    Sarah Tahtouh is a sophomore at Kerr High School.  She is the historian and one of the founding officers of Kerr Desi Club, along with Meerab Arif. She is currently one of the main characters in Cadre’s new show, “Orange,” which involves the desi culture.