Sponsor of NAHS Returns


Photo by Jessica Dang

Returning to Art: Janine Dykes, the 3D art teacher and sponsor of the National Art Honor Society, is waiting for the club members to settle down. Dykes was away from the school for weeks for the club to relax after being busy in the fall semester. “We were extremely busy with Scholastic and Rodeo in December,” Dykes said. “I have been out on maternity leave for three weeks so everybody can calm down.”

Written by Jessica Dang

Janine Dykes, the sponsor of the National Art Honor Society and 3D art teacher, returned to Kerr High School on January 19 after being gone for around three weeks. Dykes has been on maternity leave and could not come back to school until now. There are currently no set dates for a club meeting despite the club sponsor returning. She will continue to take days off for maternity leave. 

Although the club may seem inactive, Dykes has mentioned that the National Art Honor Society has been busy during the fall semester. Her maternity leave was a time for everyone in the club to rest.