10 Questions With Isaii Gomez


Isaii Gomez during an interview for E-Hallpass. In addition to working out, he’s also in journalism. His reason is as he says, “I get to talk to people here, so it’s fun.”

Written by Quanjason Dang, Beat Writer

Isaii Gomez is a Junior.

Question 1: If you could only see one color, what would it be?

Answer 1: White. All shades of white.

Q2: What movies do you prefer?

A2: Horror.

Q3: What is your dream job?

A3: An anesthesiologist.

Q4: If you were president, what would you change?

A4: Definitely gun laws.

Q5: How often do you run?

A5: About a few times a week.

Q6: Opinions on current trends?

A6: Don’t like them. It’s too Gen Z.

Q7: What do you look for in a friend?

A7: Head size. Wait, loyalty.

Q8: Dogs or cats?

A8: Dogs.

Q9: Which club do you like the best?

A9: Kerr Fitness Club. Gains, man.

Q10: Your favorite hobby?

A10: Dirt bike. I like riding around.