10 Questions With Isaii Gomez


Isaii Gomez during an interview for E-Hallpass. In addition to working out, he’s also in journalism. His reason is as he says, “I get to talk to people here, so it’s fun.”

Isaii Gomez is a Junior.

Question 1: If you could only see one color, what would it be?

Answer 1: White. All shades of white.

Q2: What movies do you prefer?

A2: Horror.

Q3: What is your dream job?

A3: An anesthesiologist.

Q4: If you were president, what would you change?

A4: Definitely gun laws.

Q5: How often do you run?

A5: About a few times a week.

Q6: Opinions on current trends?

A6: Don’t like them. It’s too Gen Z.

Q7: What do you look for in a friend?

A7: Head size. Wait, loyalty.

Q8: Dogs or cats?

A8: Dogs.

Q9: Which club do you like the best?

A9: Kerr Fitness Club. Gains, man.

Q10: Your favorite hobby?

A10: Dirt bike. I like riding around.