10 Questions With Mohammed Ali


Mohammed Ali working on his pre-calcPAK in the business center.

Mohammed Ali is a junior.

Question: How is your junior year going so far?

Answer: It’s going well.

Q: What’s something you want to learn or be better at?

A: I want to be better at reading

Q: Who’s your favorite artist? What’s your favorite song by that artist?

A:  My favorite artist is Tory Lanez, and my favorite song by him is The Color Violet.

Q: What TV show are you currently watching or recently finished?

A: I’m currently watching The Office.

Q: Do you tend to focus more on the past or the future?

A: I tend to focus on the future.

Q: What’s something that you miss?

A: I miss getting sleep.

Q: What’s your biggest fear? Why?

A: My biggest fear is not getting enough sleep. It’s not healthy.

Q: What country do you want to visit the most? Why?

A: The United Kingdom because they got a big Ferris wheel.

Q: What is your favorite fruit? Why?

A: My favorite fruit is a strawberry because it’s red.

Q:  Do you believe in second chances? Why?

A: No, it’s like re-watching a movie and expecting a different ending.

Q: What’s one thing you’ll never do again?

A: One thing I’ll never do again is not get enough sleep.