Interview With Iqra Naveed

On December 14, Iqra Naveed, the secretary of Desi Club, answers our concerns about the club and her role as the secretary.

Q) Why did you choose to become an officer?

A) I chose to become an officer because at the time the Desi club announced they were looking for officers, there was no other club representing cultures. As a person who never really experienced or saw my culture getting represented, it felt like it would be nice to do something for me and other people who might feel the same.

Q) Which meeting is the most memorable for you?

A) My all-time favorite meeting was our interest meeting this year and our potluck. At our first meeting the officers and members played many games together and bonded over activities, and the potluck felt like we all were one big family.

Q) Do you guys have any future events planned? If so, what are they?

A) Our officers have been discussing doing a multi-cultural dance show, which has been in the works for quite some time now. We plan on doing a spring fest but we haven’t gotten to plan that out yet.

Q) What benefit does this club have for the non-desis?

A) Desi club is a very accepting and open community. One of our officers isn’t desi but we try our hardest to bring her culture and her background into desi club. Our Club over time turned into a club mixed with many cultures and many different people.

Q) What is your favorite part about being an officer?

A) Planning events and having our meetings/fundraisers successful.

Q) Is desi Club going to have another cricket night

A) For sure! I think cricket is a wonderful way to get all of us active. I think all the officers can agree on this one. We all enjoyed playing cricket and will probably hold another tournament in the spring.

Q) Why do you think people should join?

A) Because Desi Club is open to anyone. We not only respect desi traditions but we also try to incorporate other cultures so we can all learn and see where we come from

Iqra Naveed taking pictures for the Alief Early VS Kerr football game.