Class of 2024 sells donuts and kolaches to raise funds


An Instagram photo promoting the fundraiser on the official kerrclassof2024 Instagram

For this upcoming week, Junior student officers have began organization for their fundraiser. The decision was to sell donuts and kolaches during the mornings of Food Frenzy on December 12, an event sponsored by Kerr clubs and organizations to give students the ability to purchase foods they normally wouldn’t be able to purchase freely.

Sales are scheduled at varying prices for both items, donuts being purchasable at $2 each with a discount of 3 donuts for $5. Additionally, the kolaches will be sold $3 for each, with a discount of 2 for $5.

They are currently planning to sell these items in front of the library. Capitalizing on these sales by also offering a selection of Class of 2024 clothing available for purchase on the side.