Mu Alpha Theta Offers Options for Mathematicians

Mu Alpha Theta is a math honor society for anyone who would like to be involved in mathematical activities. The main thing that Mu Alpha Theta members do is participating in math competitions.  The Mu Alpha Theta members generally meet every month to do things such as practicing their skills, and testing on their comprehension of the subjects. Some of the competitions that they prepare for are the UIL for number sense, calculators and University of Houston contests that range from a variety of math subjects such as geometry, algebra, and statistics. Some of the other things they do would include volunteering to mentor other students in need of help on mathematical subjects.  The organization is a part of the math club, meaning you are required to join the club to be able to participate in the organization. In order to get a cord for Mu Alpha Theta, there are certain requirements to make you eligible, having to gather a total of 18 points.