Desi Club hosts cricket game

On  October 27, Desi Club hosted its annual Cricket Night. Each side included seven players, and the contest was between Agha’s team and Mostaque’s team. In the first round, which featured 5 overs, everyone learned how to play. Mostaque’s team batted first in the game and scored 10 runs, compared to 13 runs for Agha’s team. Even though the first round was a practice round, Agha’s team won by three runs. In the actual game, Mostaque’s side was just one run away from victory when Agha hit a sixer, giving them the victory. Agha’s team won again this year, just like the previous year. The score for Desi Club’s Cricket Night 2022 was 31:30. The meeting ended with everyone drinking rooh afza, a popular cultural drink made with rose syrup and milk.