MSA Hosts Second Meeting


Vice President, Arendra Kuswanto and Secretary, Agha Mirza participated in the Islamic knowledge Kahoot game. MSA plans on doing another quiz for their next meeting on October 17 with prizes included this time around. “It’s important for members to know about Islam because this is an Islamic organization will the goal of promoting Islam. Also, MIST is a big thing this year so we could use the game as an opportunity to freshen up our Islamic knowledge,” Kuswanto said.

Muslims’ Students Association’s second meeting of the school year was a success! Members participated in games including a Kahoot competition. This was an Islamic knowledge quiz to start practicing for the MIST competition that will take place later in the year. An appearance from our precious president, Hibah Ahmed was made as she brought biryani for the members. Also, she offered tips for us to be successful in MIST competitions and on how to prepare.

For the next meeting, MSA plans on working to further improve the Islamic knowledge of its members by participating in more quizzes. All members who wish to be involved in MIST are required to participate in these quizzes and the winner will be given a prize.