PAWS Plans Next Meeting Activities


Photo by Kosisochukwu Gabriel

This is the Kerr Paws Instagram account which is managed by Ana Mar Rios. Kerr Paws usually updates it’s account after every meeting to keep members who could not attend the meeting up to date. “I couldn’t attend the meeting,” said Mar Rios. “However, I still feel like an active officer member, due to the Instagram account.”

After the success of the first meeting, Kerr PAWS hopes to have its second meeting on Thursday, October 6, in the social studies center. The club hopes to start planning the procedures for the pet fashion show and implement drastic changes to the food drive. “I want to thank everyone that came to our meeting,” said Caelan Nguyen. “We know it could have been a tad bit more organized, but we still thank you for showing up. Let’s make this a great year for Kerr Paws!”

Late buses will be provided.