MSA Making Moves


Historian Meerab Arif and other officers plan to meet on Thursday, September 29 during advisory to plan for the meeting on October 3. Meerab explains the lack of member population due to the fact that a lot of people don’t have time or are just scared that this club only is for religious people. “I think making sure that people understand that you do have to be religious to join the club will increase our MSA network. Also since a lot of people are taking high-level courses they are prioritizing academics over clubs which makes sense,” Arif said.

Muslim Students’ Association will hold a meeting on Monday, October 3 to start off the month. The club plans on holding more meetings regularly every other Monday. The meeting will be held in the English center and members will start discussing fundraisers.

MSA will continue doing Henna sales for the homecoming game which will be on October 21. MSA also intends on working with Masjid Hamza to allow members to gain volunteering hours. Masjid Hamza is near Kerr, allowing students to be involved with the mosque’s activities with ease.