MSA Thinks Of Activities


President Muneeb Ahad holds his hand in a cupping position as he makes prayers. Being a president, Muneeb has a lot of pressure on him for expanding the club and making sure this year is memorable. However, one plan that he isn’t stressing about is henna sales which will happen to start October 1 and end prior to the hoco game which is yet to be decided. “last year henna sales brought MSA about 90% of its funds and exceeded my expectations. I definitely will continue henna sales going into this year as I know a lot of students are interested,” Ahad said.

Muslim Students’ Association is in discussions with other clubs to go all out this year on activities and fundraisers. MSA is certain that it will repeat its henna sale fundraiser as it was the most profitable fundraiser last year. Also, plans are being made to host another cricket game night with Desi club. This will be an extension of last year’s version of the event. A unique activity this year is that MSA plans on working with the soccer club to host a soccer tournament like a replica of the world cup that will be happening this year.