NAHS Outlines Points to Earn Letterman Jacket

In NAHS’s first meeting, which was held on  September 6, sponor Janine Dykes discussed ways for students to earn points for an honor cord and/or letterman jacket. Students will need to earn 25 points for an honor cord and 50 for a letterman jacket. Meetings will give students a single point while entering regional VASE, Scholastic, Rodeo will reward students with 3 points. Attending field trips and banquets will also give students 3 points. Six points can be earned by students who participate in Food Bank community service. Attending visiting artist lectures and participating in online art contests will count as 2 points toward students’ honor cord/leatherman. Working on Homecoming decorations and the front office mural after school will allow students to secure a point for every hour they work. Participating in these activities will guarantee students will earn points toward an honor cord and/or leather jacket.