MSA Restructures New System


Treasurer Isaam Samiuddin and fellow members are joyful that they can start praying together again. With the first meeting being a success, MSA hopes to involve more members and will be moving its meetings to only Thursdays every other week. They also plan on changing the time from 2:30-4:15 p.m. “Making these adjustments will allow us to involve more Muslim students, changing the dates and time that is suitable to all,” Samiuddin said.

Muslim Students Association’s first meeting was a success as a record-breaking of new members were in attendance. A new chapter of the Muslim Students Association has started not only with a new sponsor but also in a new location. Games like Mafia were played and the members were able to get to know the Muslim community at Kerr highschool.

The new point sheet system was discussed and members have 5 points in order to participate in MIST and other competitions. Members will now be able to get 1/2 point for meetings, and 1 point for donating, and volunteering.