10 Questions With Jessica Dang


Jessica Dang drinking Boba on the bus canopy.

Written by Hamza El-Ibrahim

Jessica Dang is a sophomore.

Question: What do you do when you go home?

Answer: I take a little power nap and then I complete most of my work for the week.

Q: Who is your favorite superhero?

A: I really enjoyed seeing Captain Marvel and her powers are super strong.

Q: If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

A: I always wanted to be able to fly ever since I saw Superman when I was like 5.

Q: If you were a Make-a-Wish kid, what would you ask for?

A: Honestly, just some peace and quiet while I go.

Q: Top 3 all music artists?

A: I can never boil it down to only 3 so I’ll just say the entire K-Pop genre.

Q: What is the most meaningful color in your life?

A: Pink is such a pretty color as any other pastel-type color.

Q: What is your best subject?

A: I do well in almost all subjects but since I’m an artist I really enjoy art.

Q: Who do you consider your most important family member?

A: Ask me that question one million times and I’ll always say, my parents.

Q: What usually crosses your mind while stuck in your thought?

A: I find myself wondering what other people are doing at that exact moment.

Q: Do you pour the milk or cereal into the bowl first?

A: I’m not crazy so I pour the cereal in first.