10 Questions with Kaitlyn Valdez

Question: If you could only eat one food for a week what would it be? And why?

Answer: If I could eat one food for a week I would choose watermelon. It’s very filling and healthy, I could turn it into watermelon juice.


Q: What is one problem you would like to fix in today’s society

A: There are so many problems in society. It’s hard to pick only one. I guess it would be for everyone to be more considerate and empathetic towards everyone and everything around them. I think then other issues like climate change, mental health, poverty, and all that would get addressed.  


Q: What Christmas movie do you hate the most?

A: I don’t watch that many Christmas movies- I’ve only watched Home Alone and the Grinch, and I don’t know if Nightmare Before Christmas counts. Since I don’t remember the Grinch that well, I’ll pick that. 


Q: What is something you learned that made your life easier?

A: Pre covid I had decent grades and time management, but during covid, it all went downhill and I started to become hard on myself with all these expectations I knew I couldn’t reach. So, I learned to not add unnecessary stress and be easier on myself.


Q: What do you regret buying? 

A: Absolutely nothing. Everything I buy is amazing. 


Q: What would make up your perfect life?

A: A life where I live by myself in my own house or apartment. Away from anyone I know. And a cat. 


Q: What do you prefer online or in-person school?

A: I used to prefer online school until I started falling hard. Now that Covid is almost over I prefer in-person school a lot more. 


Q: If you could pick any place to be, where would it be? And Why?

A: I don’t have a specific place in mind. Just not the US, why? because it’s scary here. 


Q: What’s your favorite show? And why?

A: My favorite show to watch once every full moon is Cocomelon. It’s child-friendly kind of, addicting, fun, and has the best songs you’ll ever hear in your lifetime.  


Q: Dream school?

A: Kerr is amazing, but I’ve always thought about a school/college that allows you to explore your interests more.. for free. Or a school that taught you about life skills.