10 Questions with Tijesunimi Oboh

Tijesunimi Oboh is currently a junior.

Question: If you could only eat one food for a week what would it be? And why?

Answer: If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life it would probably be pickles. The idea of pickles is just amusing and I feel like all my great memories in life originate from a pickle. Me and one of my friends from middle school once went to a pickle festival and that was the start of a great friendship we’ve been friends for years and I credit a pickle. 


Q: What is one problem you would like to fix in today’s society

A: A problem I would want to fix if I could be the global climate crisis. I don’t agree with the older generation’s nonchalant attitude towards a global issue and think they should do something to stop the climate from deteriorating. 


Q: What Christmas movie do you hate the most?

A: I love how wholesome a lot of Christmas movies are but a Christmas movie I just can’t stand is Christmas Cupid. My sister would force me to watch it with her a lot growing up so I just got annoyed with it. If the plot line wasn’t exactly the same as other Christmas movies I would like it but it feels so repetitive.


Q: What is something you learned that made your life easier?

A: I learned to not be so focused on grades and friendships that aren’t really strong. When I decided to try my hardest in classes and not care if my grades were all A’s life immediately became easier. I also decided to let go of friendships that weren’t really productive. Life was made easier when I decided to only be friends with people who share my same ideals and values and that I should not have to change my personality and identity to please people I don’t even consider myself close to.


Q: What do you regret buying? 

A: I regret buying my AirPods because they were expensive for no reason. I have lost them so many times and even had to buy a replacement a few weeks ago. They are so small and easy to lose so I think it just makes more sense to stick with wired ones.


Q: What would make up your perfect life?

A: My idea of a perfect life would be me hanging out with my friends and just having fun together. I don’t really have any big things that I want in life. I just want to hang out and be happy. 


Q: What do you prefer online or in-person school?

A: I prefer online school since when everything was online I was more productive. With in-person school, I just show up to school and hang out with my friends instead of actually getting work done. When school was online I was able to pace myself and do work whatever time of day I chose and it was just so much more relaxing. 


Q: If you could pick any place to be at where would it be? And Why?

A: If I had to choose anywhere in the world, I would say Switzerland because people always portray it as being a relatively peaceful place. Even the flag looks peaceful and calming. I think it would be really cool to hike the Swiss Alps and also really fun to ski down the Zermatt and see the amazing views. 


Q: What’s your favorite show? And why?

A: My favorite show at the moment is Reign, a show about Mary Stuart and Francis II. I really like the character development and how the main character Mary who comes on as shy and immature eventually develops into a strong woman and character. The type of strength portrayed by Mary Stuart on Reign isn’t really portrayed on most shows. Most shows with women are dramas that don’t really show the power of a woman. I have rewatched Reign like 4+ times just for Mary. 


Q: Dream school?

A: I don’t really have a dream college mind. I just know I want to go to a HBCU because I’ll finally be at a school where people of my skin color are not the minority.