Freshmen Against All the Rest

Written by Teresa Nguyen

Freshmen Chubby Bunny Challenge Today’s competition is to stuff as many marshmallows as you can into your mouth. Unfortunately, the Class of 2025 lost this game. “I tried my best,” Yang said.

Online games are over and the scores tally up for Seniors. The game that was on Monday was Valorant with Juniors winning the overall points, on Tuesday the game was League of Legends with Seniors taking the crown, and Wednesday is chubby Bunny with the seniors taking the crown. The ranks currently are 1st place (2022) with 950, 2nd place (2023) with 650, tied with 3rd (2024) with 650, and lastly 4th place (2025) with 150. As freshmen are struggling to keep afloat, there are still more games this following week and there can be a huge turnaround for them.