10 Questions with Belen Peraza

Photograph of Belen Peraza working on an assignment for English II

Belen Peraza is a Sophomore.

Question: What were you most afraid of when you were younger? 

Answer: I was really afraid of Elevators when I was younger.

Q: What’s your opinion on naps?

A: My opinion on naps is that it is a basic necessity in life, especially to survive Kerr.

Q: What’s your plan for surviving a zombie invasion?

A: My plan to survive a zombie invasion is flying to a deserted island. 

Q: What was a situation you thought would be terrible but you actually enjoyed it?

A: A situation I thought would be terrible but I actually enjoyed it was Academic Plus.

Q: What are the top three qualities you admire in others?

A: My top three qualities I admire from people is their emotions, honesty and those that are very responsive. 

Q: What is the most recent life lesson you’ve learned?

A: The most recent life lesson I’ve learned is that you don’t always have to please people and it’s okay to say no sometimes.

Q: What’s something that you would be willing to stay up all night to do?

A: I’m willing to stay up all night and watch K-dramas.

Q: What’s something that you use regularly that you wish you didn’t have to?

A: I wish I didn’t have to use TikTok regularly.

Q: What food have you never tried?

A: I have never tried Calamari before.

Q: What can you talk about for hours?

A: I’d most definitely talk about my love life for hours.