Freshmen VS Classes (Class Wars)

Written by Teresa Nguyen

Class Wars players have been announced for the following games: Capture the Flag, Ice-Tshirt, Ballon Pop, Water Bucket Race, Tug of War, Valorant, and League of Legends. Players participating in Capture the Flag are Warren, Aidan, Andy, Minh, and Landon. Playing in Ice-Tshirt are Hannah El, David, Johnny, Ben, and Iris. Players participating in Balloon pop are Kamie, Tony, Connie, Olivia, and Tuyet. Players participating in Water Bucket Race are Yanna, Raiyyan, Isabella, Katie, and Jamaaldeen. Players participating in Tug of War are Shadrack, Princess, Fernando, Guillermo, Marvin, and Jenny. Participating in the video game Valorant are Justin, Warren, Anthony, Tuyet, and Landon. Finally the last game League of Legends, the players are Hieu, Aidan, Anthony, Minh, and Katie. Remember to buy yellow t-shirts to represent the class of 2025 as well. Class wars will start on May 16-20.

Among all the games that are being played, Valornt is a popular FPS game. The people participating have been chosen are Justin, Warren, Anthony, Tuyet, and Landon. “We are excited about our first class wars,” Yang said.