Getting In The Spirit With Class Wars


Photo by Anh Nguyen

The week of Class wars has been set up to have a different dress up occasion on each day so that the students can get in the spirit of Class Wars.

Class Wars has been scheduled for May 20, the last Friday of the school year. There are seven different events that are going to take place while two of those events are online. To get students in the spirit of Class Wars a class wars dress up week was created.

The first game will be Capture the Flag played by the seniors Nhu D, John D, Brandon L, Ali S, and Sulaimon S. The game will be played by a group of seniors against each group from the other classes.

The second game will be Ice- T-shirt played by the senior group of Qayyum A, Carlos E, Tony N, Maryam P, and Jacqueline T. Balloon Pop will be played by Luis A, Estefania D, Kayla D, Chukwumuche O, and Danial S. The Water Bucket Race will be played by Jacob C, Aidan D, Kennedy M, Kyle N, and Noel N. Tug of War will be played by Cristian A, Juan A, Aileen M, Victoria T, Veursace T, and Kevin V.

The two remaining games are online games, Valorant and League of Legends. Valorant will be played by John D, Anthony D, Phuc D, Tony N, and Tri P. League of Legends will be played by Anthony D, Phuc D, Tony D, Yannis L, and Jack T.