Freshmen Class Wars

Written by Teresa Nguyen

It’s officially Class Wars Season. Class Wars is week-long (May 16 to May 20), with different games such as Valorant (Monday) and League of Legends (Tuesday). From Wednesday through Friday, there will be different lunch games that anybody can volunteer to play, such as Chubby Bunny, Guess the Teacher, and Water Pong. Sign-ups for each game will be first come, first serve (except for the virtual games, which will also be based on ranks and availability). Freshmen class wars have a Google form to sign up for the games and another form for the class merch.

People who want to participate in the freshmen class wars sign up on a google form. There will be a series of games throughout the week. “I can’t wait to sign up,” Pham said.
There is a pre-order form on a google form. Students are able to buy class shirts to represent their class. Payments are accepted from May 3 to May 10. “Yellow is so our color,” Lee said.