10 Questions with Gia Lac Phan


Lac Phan holding glow sticks.

Gia Lac Phan is a sophomore at Kerr Highschool

Question: Who was the first friend that you made at Kerr?

Answer: Kevin Tran was the first person I talked to coming into Kerr. He is a senior and we had gym class together.

Q: What has been the favorite place that you’ve been?

A: My favorite place that I’ve been to was New York City. It was packed but there were a lot of fun places to go to.

Q: What is a memorable assignment that you’ve done this year?

A: One assignment that stood out to me this year was a presentation for Spanish class. It was a group project and we had to act out a skit that we made.

Q: What’s an activity this year that you can’t forget?

A: One of the memorable activities I had this year was hanging out with my friends at the gym. We went almost every day, and it is a lot of fun.

Q: Would you choose to change Kerr in any way?

A: If I had to change Kerr in any way, I would want there to be more involvement in sports. For example, creating a tennis team, or soccer team would be nice.

Q: How do your mornings usually go?

A: My mornings usually go pretty well, I would eat breakfast then head to school on the bus. Although I’m often sleep-deprived, I get the chance to sleep in school.

Q: What made you initially choose to apply to Kerr?

A: The freedom that Kerr offered really stood out to me. It was also because lots of my friends were going to Kerr as well.

Q: How do you think the rest of your years will go at Kerr?

A: I think it would definitely continue to get better as I make new friends and attend various activities.

Q: Are you learning at school?

A: Yes I am, although I might not remember everything that I learned, I’m still learning new material.

Q: What’s your favorite food?

A: My favorite food is sushi or ramen.