Class of 2025 Run For Elections

Written by Teresa Nguyen, Social Media

As the new year quickly sums up, former class officers run for officer again their sophomore year. There will be voting soon posted on Schoology the following week. Students like Bella Le, Aidan Ngo, and Minh Loung are hoping to get re-elected as officers. They all have experience as being class officers so the votes are in their favor as of now.

Bella Le hopes to win and makes a pun on her poster as to why she should win. She connects the cartoon “Winnie the Pooh” to her poster
Former officer Aidan Ngo hopes to win as he is often known as the “suit guy.” He features his poster with the homecoming king: Carlos.
Loung is also a former class officer and hopes to win sophomore year officer. She posts her stories of people holding her flyer and promoting her as the next officer.