Kerr Hosts Orchestra UIL

On Thursday, April 21, Kerr High School hosted the Orchestra UIL; a competition where different orchestras from across the city compete in front of judges in stage and sight-reading. Stage is when the orchestras perform their own songs in front of the judges, and sight-reading is when the orchestras play new music for the first time in front of the judges. Many rooms, including the Orchestra room, Choir room, Room 411, and the Teacher’s Lounge were reserved for the competing groups.

Kerr’s own orchestra competed in the UIL. Sweepstakes is the highest reward and it occurs when every judge on the panel of judges gives the performing orchestra a 1 (the highest score) on both stage and sight-reading. Unfortunately, Kerr’s Cambiata Orchestra did not win Sweepstakes.

Setting Up; Members of Cambiata and Philharmonic Orchestra helped set up chairs and stands in the Orchestra Room for UIL. On the day of the UIL, some even stayed behind until 8:00 p.m. to assist in organizing and navigating the event.