STUCO’s Easter Egg Hunt

On Monday, April 11, Student Council hosted their annual tradition of an Easter egg hunt. There were 10 eggs hidden around the school filled with prizes such as candy and points. There were more people hunting than expected, so all of the eggs were gone by the end of the day!

Also on Monday, April 11, Publicity partnered with DASH to plan and create decorations for Red Ribbon Week, which will take place in two weeks from April 25-April 29. There was a dress-up week planned and approved by Mr. Lewis.

On Tuesday, April 12, officer interview sign-ups were posted on Schoology to start the process of selecting new officers for the 2022-2023 school year. The form is open to all members and the only requirement is that they are active for the 2021-2022 school year. Next week, interviews will be conducted during first period from April 20 to April 22.

STUCO also held a general meeting this Tuesday, in which all potential officers had the opportunity to plan and take over.

During officer takeover, Tiana Nguyen and Chelsea Phan are acting in place of President. They worked together to hide the eggs on Monday.