Orchestra Prepares Auditions

On Monday, April 4, members of Concert, Philharmonic, and Cambiata Orchestra all auditioned for placements. The audition performance will be used to determine in which orchestra each member will get placed. These placement auditions will continue until Wednesday, April 13, in the Orchestra room.

Audition music was handed in different packets, with Audition Packet A being the easiest music. Placements have yet to be revealed.

Additionally, Cambiata music played in pre-UIL on Thursday, March 24, and earned sweepstakes from the judges.


Orchestra Audition Schedule; The schedule for Orchestra placement auditions was posted on the door to the Orchestra Room. The auditions would take place from Monday, April 4 to Wednesday, April 13. “On the day of the audition I was very nervous,” Y Le11 said. “Even though I was really scared, I think I did pretty well in the end, so I’m satisfied.”