Kinda Controversial In Search For New Recruits

The Kinda Controversial Podcast is currently in search of new recruits. The club which has a student body of mostly seniors will be succeeded by one junior and two sophomores in the next school year.

To prevent this, and stop the club from dying out, the podcast is searching for new recruits. Audio editors and graphic designers are the club’s priority recruits, but recruits can range from any grade and possess any skill that relates to journalism and audiovisual technology.

The link to fill out a form and apply for positions has been posted on the club’s Instagram page; @kindacontroversial and on Schoology. The application deadline is set for April 11, 2022, and acceptance emails will be sent out before April 18, 2022.

All applicantsĀ  must make time for a one-on-one interview with club members in the upcoming weeks after being notified of their acceptance.