Juniors to experience college first-hand

Aiming to help prepare the Class of 2012 for one of the most difficult stages in their high school life, Kerr received a grant with Houston Community College to participate in a program that lets the juniors experience the college application process.

On February 7, Kerr interventionist Tommy Miller held an assembly for the juniors, talking about the program.

“This is a really good opportunity for [the juniors] to really get into the college experience,” Miller said in the assembly,”This is not just about you going to HCC.”

Permissions slips are due February 9 in order to go on the field trip that will take place on Wednesday, February 16.

Students will also meet with a Houston Community College representative to complete an online application.

The field trip will visit HCC’s Alief and Stafford campuses. Lunch will be provided.

This opportunity is mandatory for those wanting dual credit next year.

Story contributed by Anthony Phung