KFC Members Open to Watching Soccer Tournament

Kerr Fitness Club had hosted its regular meetings on Friday, March 25, and Monday, March 28. Since the past two weeks had been the time period for the soccer tournament, the fitness club had allowed the students to either join in on their regular meet or be welcome to view and participate in the games. The same opportunity will be set for the following meeting on April 1 which would be their Friday meeting. For those who had participated in the meeting, the traditional number of activities, sports, and games were available to anyone who wanted to utilize the equipment.


Mr. Garcia had posted the Soccer tournament days and the teams to be against one another. The chart had also established the points for the games before Friday the 25th. The following week showed the updated points, and how the teams would be placed regarding the first, second, and third place teams. The chart shows the days that KFC will have people missing to see the games at their usual meetings.