STUCO Brings Back Rocket Run


STUCO Members at the Houston Rocket Game on Tuesday evening.

Last Friday, February, 25, Student Council, unfortunately, had to cancel the Spring Dance due to the number of ticket sales. So, on Monday, refunds were given to the students.

On Sunday, February 27, board members had to turn in their March ideas so that the parliamentarian, Chelsea Phan, could make the point sheets.

On Monday, February 28, sign-ups for the soccer tournament began. The tournament will be from March 21 to March 25. Mr. Garcia will pick captains for each team, and then the team captains will take turns drafting their team members.

Yesterday, March 1, a long volunteering tradition, Rocket Run, was brought back. Students volunteer to help the Houston Rockets pass out merchandise before the game and then get the opportunity to watch the game afterward for free. Mr. Garcia and Mr. Ali were brought down to the court during halftime to play a game.

This Saturday, there is a state report meeting, and they will be sending their Vice President, Vivian Le. Over the past two months, the officers and committee leaders have been working on them to ensure sweepstakes.

STUCO Members at the Houston Rocket Game on Tuesday evening.