STUCO Progresses With State Reports


After 2 days of playing the King and Queen of Hearts, Nam Sung and Linda Tran were crowned the winners.

On Saturday, Student Council got their final approvals necessary to begin promoting the dance. So, the officers made flyers and started spreading the word. They were told they have to sell at least 100 tickets or else the dance would be canceled. They will start staying after school every day to make decorations starting tomorrow, Thursday, February 17.

At the beginning of February, STUCO executive board members were introduced to state reports. This year, the state report meeting will be held on March 5 for the whole district. However, vice president, Vivian Le, has been prepping the EBs about them. They worked on it together and this past Saturday, February 12, their first deadline was due. Now, Vivian has individual conferences with each committee leader to ensure that everything is correct.

Yesterday, February 15, the winners of the Kings and Queens of Hearts game were crowned. They got a $15 gift card and an actual crown. The King, Nam Sung, collected 13 hearts and the Queen, Linda Tran, collected 6 hearts.

Today, February 16, the final match of students vs teachers will be after school in the gym. The winning team was Bread Gang, with an undefeated record. STUCO will also be selling snacks after school.

Tomorrow, the officers will start posting the district meeting sign-ups. They will go to Jordan High School, along with 19 other STUCO members on February 25.