10 Questions with Esmeralda Chavez


Esmeralda Chavez outside at lunch

Esmeralda Chavez is a sophomore.

Question: If you could only eat one food for a week what would it be? And why?

Answer: I would eat seafood because it is not something common to eat and it doesn’t make you full, at least not for me. 🙂

Q: What is one problem you would like to fix from today’s society

A: I would like to fix the problem that we are all on our phones all the time that we don’t actually get to know other people face to face. Also, the fact that society now is separating into groups based on people’s likes on posts and follower counts.

Q: What Christmas movie do you hate the most?

A: I don’t have one to be completely honest. If we were talking about the cover of the movie I would say Elf.

Q: What is something you learned that made your life easier?

A: I learned to jot down a list of things to do for each day. Also, to keep a planner and edit things constantly. 

Q: What do you regret buying? 

A: I regret buying the Take me Back to Brazil makeup pallet. I honestly don’t use colorful tones of color and I don’t really use dark and wild colors. 

Q: What would make up your perfect life?

A: What would make up my perfect life would be to get married and have kids when I am older. After I have a career and earn my own money of course! 

Q: What do you prefer online or in-person school?

A: I prefer in-person school because I get to talk to people and meet new friends. Last year, I got depressed and lonely, which drove me insane!

Q: If you could pick any place to be at where would it be? And Why?

A: I would like to be in California where all the top artists and multimillionaires live

Q: What’s your favorite show? And why?

A: Easy! Greys Anatomy. The only reason why I like it is that there is a problem in almost every season and the characters are funny at times. Especially Christina Yang she is hilarious!! 

Q: Dream school?

A: Rice University!