STUCO Starts Promoting Dance


STUCO members playing one of their icebreakers, human wheelbarrow, at the general meeting yesterday.

Tuesday, February 8, Student Council had its general meeting. STUCO had icebreakers like hot potato and human wheelbarrow. They did their usual presentations afterward and introduced upcoming events and volunteering opportunities for the month. Afterward, they did punishment. This week was serenading somebody in the crowd with a song.

Today, Mr. Garcia started promoting the upcoming dance on Schoology. The dance will be on February 26 from 7 PM to 11 PM in the Kerr Cafeteria.

This Friday, there will be a Roller Skating Social at the Dairy Ashford Roller Rink after school. Members that come will get 2 points, 3 if they post!

The Kings and Queens of Hearts Game will also be starting this Friday. Boys will be trying to talk to the girls in order to steal their hearts. Then, on Monday, girls will do the opposite. The boy and girl that collected the most hearts will win a gift card and be crowned.