Kerr Fitness Club Views Games 7 and 8

Kerr Fitness Club didn’t meet last Friday, February 4, as scheduled due to inclement weather. Alief ISD had canceled school for that day.

The Kerr Fitness club had scheduled a meeting last Monday, February 7, where they had spectated two matches from the Kerr Volleyball Tournament. The two matches consisted of “The Minorities” against “Covid Spike,” and “Diff” against “Kenny’s Fan Club.” The gym and weight room were available, with adult supervision, although the majority of the club had moved away from their daily activities to watch the games.


As the tournament host, Mr. Garcia had published the advancements of the tournament and current points. He had shown the week schedule and game times. There had been the option for losing groups to go up against each other. Although for pure enjoyment, the groups could determine the ranking system.