10 Questions with Aidan Khoi Le


Aiden Le wearing an Asian rice hat.

Aidan Khoi Le is a freshman at Kerr Highschool

Question: Who was the first friend that you made at Kerr?

Answer: My first friend was a person named Nam, I met him during Band Camp, he was one of the first people that went up to me and talked to me. He was very friendly and I always thought was a cool and friendly person. This is why he is my favorite Junior.

Q: What has been your favorite place that you’ve been?

A: My favorite place I have been is Vietnam since I got to see friends and family and got to see many cool places over in Vietnam.

Q: What is a memorable assignment that you’ve done this year?

A: The most memorable assignment I’ve done this year was like an introduction in Mr. Treats’ class where the assignment asked many interesting questions about us. One question was “Give me your best Joke” and I thought I had the best joke.

Q: What’s an activity this year that you can’t forget?

A: An activity this year I can’t forget was either band camp since it was fun meeting new and nice people and the water balloon fight at the end. But, another one is when I just go outside at lunch and play sports with most of my friends.

Q: Would you choose to change Kerr in any way?

A: The only thing I would change about Kerr is that we should have our own team in Alief like a basketball, volleyball, football team. Another thing I would change about Kerr is less work since I want to have my own spare time and not be stressed out about tons of work.

Q: How do your mornings usually go?

A: How my morning usually goes is that I wake up brush my teeth, change into clothes for school and head out to school. Once I get to school I either go to band, relax there or I try to find my friends in school and talk with them.

Q: What made you initially choose to apply to Kerr?

A: Most of my friends went to Kerr so I was like why not sign up. Furthermore, I searched Kerr highschool on google and saw some images inside Kerr and looked very chill and cool.

Q: How do you think the rest of your years will go at Kerr?

A: I assume that the rest of my years are going to be ups and downs since I might get used to the work here at Kerr and that there will be more stressful/hard classes further on my years at Kerr.

Q: Are you learning at school?

A: I’m trying to learn as much as possible so I don’t get bad grades. Right now I’m struggling a little and will hopefully get on track as soon as possible.

Q: What’s your favorite food?

A: My favorite food is called “Bot Chien,” which translates to fried dough in Vietnamese.