Kerr Fitness Club Observes the School Volleyball Game

Kerr Fitness Club met last Friday, January 28, regularly and the meeting had been the usual sports, games, and workouts.

Last Monday, January 31, 2022, there changed from their normal schedule to see the volleyball tournament, where the fitness club had watched six out of the eight teams compete. The teams that had played were the “Bread Gang” against “Very Cool Ball Hitters,” “Foreigners” against “You Thought You Ate,” and “Covid Spikes” against “Diff.” The games had continued Tuesday and were postponed past Wednesday to the following day and everything was scheduled accordingly.


A school wide message by Mr. Garcia had discussed the first day of the competition and small modifications. He had also presented the first winners, and established points. The first losers had been given other opportunities to still play. They may have the chance at a victory.