STUCO Brings Their Energy Back


STUCO members play ‘The Big Wind Blows’ at their general meeting yesterday.

On Monday, January 24, Student Council had a board meeting. The committee leaders were given time to talk to their EBs about state reports. President, Tiffany Huynh, also brought up the pending idea that the officers have been planning, called ‘Officer Takeover.’ She explained that over the month of April, EBs that are interested in an officer role next year will be able to act as the position that they are interested, while the current officers shadow and help guide them. Before ending the meeting, the officers finished the rest of the long-overdue interviews for some EBs.

Yesterday, January 25, STUCO had its second general meeting of the new year. This meeting had more people than usual. The officers stated that the energy felt like the energy they had during the rush meeting and that they were glad to have it back. For the majority of the time, they played icebreakers, such as ‘The Big Wind Blows’ and ‘Paper Airplane Contest.’

STUCO also recently welcomed a new EB to one of their committees, RECC. Due to commitment issues from a previous member, they brought in Tony Nguyen, who was chosen from the other two members in RECC. Tony was put in punishment this week for being new, where they had a dance contest.

Mr. Garcia also released the volleyball groups and brackets this week. The members of each team and the rules of the tournament will be released on Friday. The tournament will be 5 days and begin next week.