KHS-TV News/SRL Holds New Board Training


TRIAL AND ERROR. KHS TV-News/SRL sponsor Laura Negri does a thorough run-down over how to use the new board as well as some of its new features. After the quick training, she enables members to try out some features with the new board on the three test monitors in the anchor room. “There’s so many things I’m excited to try out,” said junior Diane Cao.

Written by Zacalinh Elizondo, Reporter

Proceeding news of the new board, KHS TV-News/SRL sponsor Laura Negri held a mandatory board training during advisory on Thursday, January 13. After giving detailed instructions on how to use the new piece of equipment as well as important warnings and reminders, Negri allowed club members to experiment with the board and try out its modern features on the three test monitors inside the news anchor room.

The following day, members Tracy Nguyen and Thy Tran were allowed to man the board for the weekly announcements. Accompanying the crew, Daniel Syed and Katherine Fernandez Granados were the anchors for the week. Together, the four were able to put on another successful weekly broadcast (as per usual). Despite club members taking on new technology management and writing responsibilities in this new term, the broadcasts have still been running just as efficiently, so kudos to them!

Aside from managing announcements, some members have taken up side projects to provide their audience with more interactive and engaging content. One story that may possibly be in the works is a Behind The Scenes (BTS) Cadre feature prior to the release of their first play of 2022: “The Little Mermaid”. With Cadre tackling such a large project down to the detailed set pieces, splendid singing numbers, and incorporation of corresponding themed outfits, makeup, and technical displays, this would be a perfect time to take on the story idea. Members hope this project will not only gain lots of traction from Cadre members, but also interested onlookers. They are also discussing undecided plans for a Valentine segment sometime next month.