Kerr Film Opens Presents


Fighting a gift: Yearbook students stood watching as Kerr Film lead members Andrew Salas and Tijesunimi Obho opened the gimbal in the journalism room. The gimbal was purchased with the money gathered from a fundraiser and Mr. Lewis. “I was excited when Andrew told me the gimbal was finally here. it felt nice to see that our fundraising efforts were successful. I’m glad we get to try to figure out how to use the gimbal and try to make the lib dub even better next year.” Oho mentioned. Photo by Angela Lumbreras

Kerr Film had a meeting last week, January 7,  where cupcakes and laughs were shared. Games were played as others held conversations with a group. However, Earlier that day during late A lunch Santa had delivered a late Christmas present. The money was raised from the sales of the Christmas ornaments along with donations from Mr.Lewis a gimbal was purchased. The members resulted in panic as this was the first gimbal they got to open and set up. After multiple hours of struggle, one of the members was able to understand how to balance it out. On Wednesday, January 12, the leads met in order to discuss and learn how to use the gimbal before they teach the rest of the club.