STUCO Starts Volleyball Sign-Ups

On Monday, January 10, Student Council began their Volleyball Sign-Ups. There is a limit of 16 teams to sign up and to sign up, you must have a team name, team roster, and turn in a fee of $20. STUCO decided to host the tournament from January 31 to January 4. They also released prizes for the winner of the tournament!

Also on Monday, EBs and officers stayed after school in Room 334 for a board meeting. They rehearsed the PowerPoint for the general meeting and then followed it up with interrogations for inactive EBs from last semester. There were also interviews for certain EBs regarding self-progress and mental health checks.

Yesterday, January 11, STUCO had its first general meeting of the semester. The updated requirements this semester; attending 4 meetings are now required to be considered active and volunteer hours must be turned in in the month they were completed. During the meeting, there were icebreakers, presentations, activities, as well as punishment!

Punishment is for late EBs and officers. This week, Mr. Garcia suggested doing a human pyramid. They struggled at first but made it work!